Scooby Doo Big Air 2 Skateboarding Video Game

Play Scooby Doo Big Air 2. Light up the half pipe with cool tricks. Pick up speed and catch your skateboard on fire. How high can you get in this free online computer flash video game.

Play Scooby Doo Big Air 2, the free Scooby Doo video game that is a competitive half pipe challenge. Play as The Mystery Machine, Scooby or Shaggy and design your own skateboard. Once you're ready to go rock back and forth on your board to gain height. Once you build up momentum, do tricks, stunts and moves to see how much hang time you can get. Press up when you are launching from the ramp to do tricks and climb higher. Press down when descending to catch on fire and pick up speed. Reach for the stars. Avoid spooks, ghouls, goblins and ghosts in the air.

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