Environmentalism & Peace

How do peace and a sustainable environment form a symbiotic relationship? What is the emissions level of a nuclear warhead? And what else does it do? How much does it deplete the ozone layer?

Isn't the shell casing dropped from a gun after a round is fired littering?

But we don't even ask ourselves these questions because the gross and inhumane severity of the deaths and maimings caused by these weapons of mass destruction.

So don't be surprised when you realize you've never asked yourself "why haven't I ever heard of a hybrid tank?" Because while a tank kills a few people very quickly, the emissions help in the slow process of making this earth unlivable for the rest of us.

Pacifism for Environmentalists

environmentalism: earth in our hands

So why doesn't the army "go green". Isn't the purpose of the army to protect? But I guess we've been using it more to attack. So if you're an environmentalist, until the army goes green, you must also be a full time pacifist at least in the name of environmentalism.

The first step to becoming a pacifist is supporting PeaceRead.ORG.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

- Winston Churchill