Peace Videos

Peace videos help show peoples passion for peace. This page contains links and descriptions of some of the top non violent & peaceful videos we've found on the web. The internet is a big place and we can't cover all of it, so if you know of a video that should be added to this list, contact us and share it.

Free Non Violent Vidoes

Martin Luther King Speech. Watch & listen to Martin Luther King's speech for peace. He preaches on non violence in regards to the Viet Nam War.

Girl Speaks to United Nations: Environmentalism. Truth out of the mouths of babes.

Pink Floyd Earth Soldier: Check out the Pink Floyd Earth Soldier video.

John Lennon & The Beatles Give Peace a Chance: Watch the Give Peace a Chance Video with commentary.

Albert Einstein Speaks: Non Violence: Listen to Albert Einstein speak for non violence.

Apple Think Different Video: Watch this video commemorating great thought leaders.

Gandhi Supporting Non Violence: Listen to Mohandas Gandhi speaking in support of non violence.

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